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Getting the Better Testimonial

I often say, “There is no magic wand” in marketing. Of course there are “rules”, but, like Captain Barbosa says in Pirates of the Caribbean, they’re really more like “guidelines”.   The closest you can get to magic in marketing is the time-honored power of a good testimonial. Whether it’s posted to your LinkedIn profile or hand-written and snail mailed, what people say about you is far stronger than anything you can say about yourself.   So how can you harness the power of testimonials for yourself?   Don’t be shy. Ask. Most people are flattered when they are asked
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An Open Email to My Client(s)

Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself? I do. Since we work with so many owner-led businesses, we see a lot of similar struggles and tend to repeat ourselves occasionally. I recently sent the email below to one of our clients who shall not be named. I participate regularly in their organization’s leadership meetings to provide strategic marketing leadership. It’s not my meeting, and my role is to provide the answers they need, but we had a growing frustration among the group from the lack of productivity. I wanted to be transparent with this frustration and work toward a solution. I’m
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