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Why “No” is a Love Word in Business. Funding Your Business Expansion.

I fully expected to hear a lot about numbers. The Topic was Funding Your Business Growth and the panel was comprised of bankers and lenders. Wow. I was very wrong in a very, very good way. Why “No” is a Love Word in Business Funding Your Business Expansion, the 3rd in the Business Breakfast Builder Series We munched on some amazing biscotti from Giorgio Cookies  and had an amazing conversation with our panelists as they candidly answered the specific questions from our attendees. Moderator Pat Carpenter, three-time start-up veteran and co-founder of X-Squared Angels, started where every conversation about funding
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Early Mornings and Other Things for Love/Hate Relationships

Early Mornings and Other Things for Love/Hate Relationships Funding Your Business Growth I joke a lot about hating math. The truth is, it fascinates me, especially when it goes past the basics to include formulas and patterns and complex answers to burning questions like “what is the smallest file size that will produce the quality of the image I need for my client?” I feel the same way about finance.  Maybe it’s because, in the world of small business where I live, I often hear “we just can’t afford that”. True, budgets are critical, but at the same time, everyone
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