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An Open Email to My Client(s)

Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself? I do. Since we work with so many owner-led businesses, we see a lot of similar struggles and tend to repeat ourselves occasionally. I recently sent the email below to one of our clients who shall not be named. I participate regularly in their organization’s leadership meetings to provide strategic marketing leadership. It’s not my meeting, and my role is to provide the answers they need, but we had a growing frustration among the group from the lack of productivity. I wanted to be transparent with this frustration and work toward a solution. I’m
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Entrepreneurism from Tom Clancy and Alec Baldwin

“The Hunt for Red October” is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I enjoy all of Tom Clancy’s books and I’m a big fan of Harrison Ford, but this first movie is still my favorite.  I can (and often do) quote whole sections of the dialog. Alec Baldwin has “Glengarry Glen Ross” for sales, but THFRO is where Alec plays the entrepreneur. In one of the pivotal scenes, Fred Thomson, as Admiral Josh Painter, tells Jack Ryan, played by a younger and svelte Alec Baldwin, that the rogue Russian captain  (Sean Connery)  has to have a plan because ”Russians don’t
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