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Recap: SALTY SALES Training™ from Brent Long

Business Builder Breakfast Recap: SALTY SALES Training™ from Brent Long Brent Long engages with his audience in a very powerful way. It’s not different from the way he engages with someone in a one-to-one conversation. I like that, because it’s authentic. He’s insightful, he’s very direct, and he’s proven to get results. What he is ISN’T is comfortable. His mission is to coach sales people to success, not to comfort. That’s probably why his presentation morphed from the original title to one that is much more impactful…and takes a lot more to explain. Brent started by asking for us to
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Brent Long’s 7 Steps to SALES Excellence

Building a SALES Culture to Scale Up and Sustain Your Business Brent Long Presents 7 Steps to SALES Excellence   I’m looking forward to learning what this means from Brent Long of Long on Life. Kyle Koppenhoefer, Principal of AltaSim Technologies in Worthington, first introduced me to Brent. Kyle and I frequently swap stories of the typical frustrations of building our businesses. We both agree that leading sales and managing an effective sales process are some of the most difficult responsibilities for most small business owners. What can you expect from Brent Long and the second in our series of
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