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Can You Do Facebook Ads?

The short answer is “YES”. We can do Facebook ads, YOU can do Facebook ads, your neighbor’s teenager can do Facebook ads. Facebook works really hard to make it easy to do ads. The long answer is “look before you leap”. While I believe Facebook advertising has a lot of potential, it hasn’t been quite right for any of my clients so far. Which means, we haven’t actually placed Facebook advertising. One client who wanted to use it just wasn’t ready to jump directly into Facebook advertising. Our experience over the past year taught us that their existing customers are not Facebook
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An Open Email to My Client(s)

Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself? I do. Since we work with so many owner-led businesses, we see a lot of similar struggles and tend to repeat ourselves occasionally. I recently sent the email below to one of our clients who shall not be named. I participate regularly in their organization’s leadership meetings to provide strategic marketing leadership. It’s not my meeting, and my role is to provide the answers they need, but we had a growing frustration among the group from the lack of productivity. I wanted to be transparent with this frustration and work toward a solution. I’m
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Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur

I though a lot about communication today. My friend, Barb Girson of My Sales Tactics, has designed a four part workshop that she leads for individuals who are thinking about starting a business.  “Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur” is a great program that walks the attendees through the process of discovering the myriad details associated with a start-up.  Most attendees are professionals who have had corporate careers.  Many have been downsized and are faced with critical career decisions regardless of whether they leap into the deep waters of entrepreneurship.  Barb’s workshop is designed to make them think before they leap. As
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