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The Business Builder Breakfast Series

The Business Builder Breakfast Series Presenting the Business Builder Breakfast Series Columbus is nationally recognized as a great place to start a business and it’s especially friendly for startup growth. There is a large and active community of support for startups including education, open-door coaching, and peer groups and mentoring. When I looked around for the same kind of support for established businesses, I didn’t find the same smorgasbord of opportunities. I wanted to connect with resources that could help those successful startups stabilize onto a path of sustainable, healthy, profitable growth. Business Builder Breakfasts evolved as a partnership between
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Blog is NOT a 4 Letter Word but Sell Is

Blog is NOT a 4 Letter Word but Sell Is For all of my blog-phobic friends to whom I’ve been preaching the benefits of having your very own repository of information:   A colleague just forwarded this link to me because of the topic.  While I’m happy to share the strategy of this article with my clients, it isn’t so much the article as the whole “blog that isn’t a blog” that I’m most impressed with. This blog employs exactly the kind of strategy that offers the best efficiency for smaller organizations. Why this is great? Your timing.  This blog isn’t
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