[ Bolder. Better. Easier. ]

We solve your marketing problems.

Sullivan Solutions creates bolder, better, easier communication with a focus on solid strategy, consistent marketing management, and targeted communication.

Marketing Strategy

[ the RIGHT plan ]

When you don’t know what to do first.

The first – or the next – step isn’t always clear. We help ensure that the cornerstones of your marketing are solid, strategic, and easy so that your marketing works for you.

Marketing Solution Plans

Logos & Brands


Marketing Management

[ the RIGHT support ]

When you don’t have time to do it all.

Anything that helps you make sales easier, we can make easier for you, regardless of whether you need to nail a single unique project or maintain a regular schedule of social media and advertising.

Online Content

Video & Photo


Words & Images

[ the RIGHT conversations ]

When they don’t understand you.

We are masterful interpreters who can help you tell your unique story in meaningful ways for the people you need to reach.

Sales Materials & Brochures

Case Studies

Creative Direction

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